Thursday, September 3, 2009

Been awhile

It's been too long since I've last blogged. It seems like everything is going on fast forward and I'm running behind just to catch up. My baby girl is 5 months old already. How and when did that happen? She is in love with watching her older brother do the things she, I'm sure, can't wait to do. She is rolling all over the floor now, and has even recently began sitting up on her own. She loves tummy time (remarkable to me considering Christian hated it). Naps are a no go.....sleep seems to be a no go. She won't nap for long and her sleeping at night is kicking me in my butt!!! It usually is around 1 or 2am before getting her asleep and then she is waking up every 2 hours it seems. Ugh. I need sleep. Can't nap during day either because Christian doesn't nap. How lucky am I? LOL

Some funny stuff has happened while I've been away though. Christian is such a good big brother. The other day while riding in the car, Grace was crying. Nothing we were doing was stopping her. She just wanted out. Christian starts screaming to me, "mama!! mama!!! baby Ace bottle!!!" I said honey she doesn't want her bottle. So then he starts singing her the ABC's. How sweet!!!!!! Well when that didn't work, he stopped trying. He was really quiet. So I turned around to see what he was doing. He had his fingers in his ears!!!!!! LOL I love watching the two of them together.

As far as Christian, he is almost 3 years old!! He has no interest in the potty (ugh!) Ive tried several times to get him to go. He says he wants to be a big boy but then when I say well lets go sit on the potty he says no! I guess he'll let me know when he wants to go. He will get it I know.

He knows his ABC's, he can count to 10. He recognizes a circle, triangle and square. He knows his colors. And the thing that amazes me the most and this child can work a computer better than I can. He did something on my mom's computer the other day that she has been trying to do for months!! I'll let him play on a website called Starfall. He LOVES that website! He plays every morning while eating his breakfast. It is very educational and it's a website they use in the kindergarten classes here. He can do everything on that website already. My mom told me the other day I just needed to go ahead and send his butt to college next year instead of 3K. LOL
I'm nervous though that he will be bored once we send him to school.

Well Jason and I were thinking of moving a couple states over, but after much thinking and praying we have decided to stay for now. I was willing to go but didn't want to go. I'm thankful we have decided to stay.

I have scrapped some but don't think I've taken the pictures to post. I've started making cards lately. They are quick and easy to do and satisfy my appetite to scrap when I don't have much time to do so. I'll post pictures soon. I've actually started an etsy account and going to start selling some of them on there.

Since we have decided to stay here and not move, we have made the decision that I am going to start riding with my husband and help him with his business. My mother will be taking care of my children. I have mixed feelings on this. I want to be able to help him out, get out the house and feel like I'm contributing to the household. But at the same time I feel like I'm cheating my daughter since I stayed home with Christian but not her. I feel like I'm going to miss out watching my children with the everyday little things they do to make my day. The kisses for no reason, the hugs out of the blue, the helping with the pancakes and eggs in the morning. The outside play, the little giggles when I tickle Grace's tummy, the smiles I get when I walk in the room. Maybe we can compromise. One month riding, one month off, etc. :)

Oh well. Times are tough. We will make it through. We always do. That's it for now. I'm going to go rest my fingers.

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