Thursday, May 14, 2009

2 new layouts

Have I ever mentioned just how much I love to scrap? When my children allow me to I can sit down and actually create some really nice layouts in my opinion. Scrapbooking gives me an outlet. Lets me just let my creative juices flow. Scrapping gives me something to be proud of (other than my children of course, but then again THEY are the reason I scrap and THEY are the center of my scrapping) Here I did a layout for my daughters book. The title is I didn't ask to be a princess. I saw these papers and I knew I wanted to use them for a layout on her. This picture was from her newborn pictures taken at Sears.

This layout is for my son's second year album ( I scrap by year.....1 album=1 year) It's title is How does your garden grow. Him and my mother were out in my yard planting flowers together. It was suppose to be my mother and I planting the flowers but Christian jumped in and I jumped behind the camera. What precious moments. I love moments like this and I love the fact that since I've scrapbooked them, they are moments that my children can relive again and again.

They are the reason I scrap. And I enjoy every moment of it (and them).

Sesame Street Live!!!

My mom and I took Christian to his very first Live show tonight. Sesame Street live. Nevermind the fact that Christian doesn't watch Sesame street. He only knows Elmo off one of his shirts and he has a Tickle Me Elmo. So I was skeptical about how he would react, how well behaved he would be, etc. HE DID GREAT!!!! And throughly enjoyed the show!!!! He was mesmerized by them dancing birds and monsters. It was great. Even Grace behaved. She slept the whole time thank goodness. I was worried about that too.

So since Christian enjoyed himself so much we will probably start watching Sesame Street on ETV. I wonder if it will have the same effect on him as it did tonight. Enjoy the pictures!


He stood here so still and let me capture this perfectly!

He clapped for the first time after the intermission and they started again. I think he finally got into the groove of things then.

One cool dude here with his hands up in his pockets. Too cute. Such a little man.

This was taken before the show even started. I knew then that we would have a great time. I love that little (or shall I say BIG) cheese grin.
I loved making this memory with my beautiful son. I can't wait to scrapbook this moment so he will never forget his first LIVE show.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


I thought I would add some random photos of our life throughout the week..

Here Grace is chillin in the tub. She loves to take baths. It calms her down immeditely if she is upset. She kicks her little legs and splashes the water. The only time she don't like it is when I take her out. She starts whining until I have her wrapped in a towel.

My little fisherman buddy. First time that he kept a hat on after I put it on him. Of course after 10 seconds of it being on I grabbed the camera. Wasn't sure how much longer it was going to last!!

I adore her smiling face.

That sly little grin that will have daddy beating the boys back

Christian loving on Grace

Christian got into a fight with M&M's the other day in the car.

The M&M's won

I love my life. :)

Been scrappin lately?

I've been trying to organize my scrap room. Get it more so where i can see what I have. That way if I see it I will use it. I had my dad build a ribbon holder for me and he is working on a shelf box for my wood mounted stamps. I have been able to get in there and scrap a little bit but not much for the craziness of everything laying around. My hubby bought me a peg board to hang some stuff and we bought a bathroom cabinet to put my paints, glitter, flock and embossing powders in. I found some clear containers at Hobby Lobby and organized my flowers by color. i can't wait for it all to be done.

Here are the two projects that I have worked on the last couple of days. The first picture is a birthday card I made my best friend and the other LO is something that my mom and I worked on for her book. That is Christian's nickname. Punky. Something that I gave him as a baby and it has always stuck with him.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mothers Day 2009

Happy Mothers Day to all mommies out there! We are having a cookout at my house to celebrate all the moms. I can't wait. Should make for some good pictures to scrapbook. My hubby went out tonight and bought me a laptop that I've wanted for a while to accomodate my scrapbook hobby. I'm throughly enjoying it especially since it has Wi-Fi on it and I'm sitting in my living room with my hubby and still able to cruise the web. I've been kinda busy with the children and unable to post pictures of my little people but will do so later this weekend maybe. Grace is getting so big and Christian has finally came around and is doing so much better. He even now says he loves his Grace. I asked him if the baby was his and he said yes. He says "I love you Grace!" It is so darn cute. So anyway, if there are any misspellings or crazy sentences it's because it almost 4 in the morning. One perk of having a wide awake daughter! I'm off to bed hopefully soon!!! Night all!