Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Grace is already 12 weeks old!! How the time flies! I cannot believe my baby is getting as big as she is!! May 29th she laughed for the first time and rolled from her back to her belly and back again. That was also the day me and Jason celebrated 5 years of marriage together. What a great gift my baby gave us!! Christian is getting sweeter by the day. The other day we were riding down the road and Grace started crying. So I turned around to see what was wrong and to give her her paci and Christian was holding her hand to try to calm her down. What a sweetheart!!! She is his "baby Ace" or "baby pink". We were in Hobby Lobby the other day. I went to the restroom to feed Grace. My mom had Christian and my aunt came up and took my cart with her. Christian thought Baby Grace was in the shopping cart still and he raised cain thinking my aunt was taking his baby away! He starts yelling "baby ace! baby ace!!!" My mom got such a kick out of that. Sweet boy. Here are a few pictures of Grace to enjoy. These were taken yesterday at my nephews 6th grade graduation.


  1. Misty, your family is just beautiful! So glad you commented on my blog b/c I couldn't remember your blog address! I wa going to resort to asking for it on FB but I rarely get on fb so it slips my mind. Grace and Christian look so much alike! I am sure you hear that a lot. We are truly blessed aren't we?

  2. OMG Misty, I can't believe she's 12 weeks old already! Gosh it just goes so fast, before you know it she'll be toddling around. Baby Grace is looking absolutely gorgeous. Some great photos here to scrapbook girl. Take care xo Kris