Thursday, May 14, 2009

2 new layouts

Have I ever mentioned just how much I love to scrap? When my children allow me to I can sit down and actually create some really nice layouts in my opinion. Scrapbooking gives me an outlet. Lets me just let my creative juices flow. Scrapping gives me something to be proud of (other than my children of course, but then again THEY are the reason I scrap and THEY are the center of my scrapping) Here I did a layout for my daughters book. The title is I didn't ask to be a princess. I saw these papers and I knew I wanted to use them for a layout on her. This picture was from her newborn pictures taken at Sears.

This layout is for my son's second year album ( I scrap by year.....1 album=1 year) It's title is How does your garden grow. Him and my mother were out in my yard planting flowers together. It was suppose to be my mother and I planting the flowers but Christian jumped in and I jumped behind the camera. What precious moments. I love moments like this and I love the fact that since I've scrapbooked them, they are moments that my children can relive again and again.

They are the reason I scrap. And I enjoy every moment of it (and them).

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  1. your daughter is gorgeous! The layouts are great as well. I especially love the one of Grace (the top one). I signed on as a follower. I love discovering new blogs. Oh, I found you when you responded to my question on Let's Scrap.