Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Welcome Grace Autumn Brune!!

We welcomed beautiful Grace Autumn into the world on March 17th at 8:15am. She wieghed 8lbs 9oz and was 19.5 inches long. She is very healthy praise God!! My family has been so richly blessed with our two children and everything that God has decided to grace us with.

I've been nursing her now with no supplements (another gift from God). Christian never did take to nursing so I had to quit nursing him at 3 months. It broke my heart. But Grace came on wanting to nurse and has been ever since. The home nurse came yesterday and reported that Grace has gained 6oz in 3 days! They typically want the babies to gain an half an ounce a day so for her to gain 6 in 3 days is great!!!

All she does is sleep sleep sleep and eat!! If you were to come visit my house you probably wouldn't even know she was here! She is a great sleeper. Now lets see if that continues.

Christian is the best big brother!! I'm so very proud of him! Except for when his grandma Ta comes over. If she holds the baby he yells at her to put the baby down so he can play with her (Ta). He could care less if I hold the baby. Jealousy. At least we only deal with it when it comes to grandma and not me. That would be an issue. Here Christian is playing with Grace's hairbows. Silly boy.

Doctor said I couldn't drive for 2 weeks (I had a section) so it has been just one week and I'm going stir crazy!! I've even resorted to online shopping. Pitiful. Oh well. I probably should enjoy it while I can.

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