Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sesame Street Live!!!

My mom and I took Christian to his very first Live show tonight. Sesame Street live. Nevermind the fact that Christian doesn't watch Sesame street. He only knows Elmo off one of his shirts and he has a Tickle Me Elmo. So I was skeptical about how he would react, how well behaved he would be, etc. HE DID GREAT!!!! And throughly enjoyed the show!!!! He was mesmerized by them dancing birds and monsters. It was great. Even Grace behaved. She slept the whole time thank goodness. I was worried about that too.

So since Christian enjoyed himself so much we will probably start watching Sesame Street on ETV. I wonder if it will have the same effect on him as it did tonight. Enjoy the pictures!


He stood here so still and let me capture this perfectly!

He clapped for the first time after the intermission and they started again. I think he finally got into the groove of things then.

One cool dude here with his hands up in his pockets. Too cute. Such a little man.

This was taken before the show even started. I knew then that we would have a great time. I love that little (or shall I say BIG) cheese grin.
I loved making this memory with my beautiful son. I can't wait to scrapbook this moment so he will never forget his first LIVE show.

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